I'm an award winning visually impaired fine art photographer / photo artist.

I have a BFA in Crafts from Virginia Commonwealth University where I concentrated in woodworking / furniture design. I recieved a professional fellowship from the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in 1983 after graduating from VCU. Over the years I have shown work around the country in group shows. Along with furniture I have also produced award winning mixed media sculpture. Since 2007 I have turned to digital photography as a creative outlet and have exhibited work locally and nationally.

Reflections on water have captivated me in their expressive quality. I see the water as a canvas, the reflections as pigment and wind as a brush. Whether as pure abstrats or their ability to suggest something beyond themselves, like a Rorschach inkblot test, they are an endless source of inspiration.

Some of my photos are manipulated. For example I may alter the form of a reflection photo to refine a suggested detail like a profile of a face to make it more obvious. I also may use artistic filters to enhance them. Please request a detail shot so you'll know what you're getting.


If you are an interior designer or art consultant and are in licensing images please contact me.

When selecting papers the metallic paper won't give you a bright white. For example the "Inverted Reflection Abstracts" white backgrounds will look drab, so choose the standard Color paper instead.

If you are outside of the U.S. or want larger prints please contact me for digital file purchases.

I am legally blind due to a congenital form of optic nerve atrophy and I was diagnosed with cataracts in 2011.. My peripheral vision is blurred (20/400 corrected) and the central vision is obscurred by a white blindspot. I use a 4x monocular to do photo editing. Photpgraphy is more than a form of artistic expression but also a visual aide that allows me to revel in the exquisite detail that surrounds us.

If you have vision loss don't lose sight of the beauty of life. If you have lost sight of the beauty of life you are truly blind.


Files and Film, Oleson Gallery, St. Petersburg, FL. 2014

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts 13th Annual Members' Show. 2013.

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts 12th Annual Members' Show. 2012.

Nature's Expressions, Exhibitions Without Walls online exhibition, 2012.

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts 11th Annual Members' Show. 2011.

Passionate Focus, Zhou B Gallery, Chicago IL. 2011

Westchase Artists Society at Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, Fla. 2010.

For The Love Of Art II,Carrollwood Cultural Center, Tampa, Fla. 2010.

Hillsborough Visual Artists Alliance Second Exhibition , Carollwood Cultural Center, Tampa, Fla. 2009.

Quiet Conversations, Upper Tampa Bay Library, Tampa, Fla. 2009.

For the Love of Art, Carrollwood Cultural Center, Tampa Fla. 2009.

Westchase Artists Society Members Show, Great Art and Frame, Tampa, Fla. 2008.

Hillsborough Visual Artists Alliance Inaugural Exhibition , Carollwood Cultural Center, Tampa, Fla. 2008.

Divine Equine, Great Art and Frame, Tampa, Fla. 2008.

Art At the Speed of Life, Jacey Gallery, Tampa, Fla. 2008.


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JW Marriott Spa Houston

Ritz Carlton Sarasota
Kaiser Permanente Eye Clinic Portland, OR
Swagel, Wooten and Hiatt Eye Center. Mesa, AZ
Private collections throughout the U.S.



R. J. Laney Designs
LewisGraham Art Consultants

Soho Myriad


Disability and Passing: Blurring the Lines of Idenity

The Illuminated Heart. Ra-Kalam Bob Moses


Best of Show, Florida Museum of Photographic Arts Members' Show, 2011.


Slideshow music by Transient.

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