Evan Obrentz(non-registered)
Outstanding Images!
Andrea C Scansani(non-registered)
Absolutely wonderful. Thank you.
Sandra Bates(non-registered)
My favorite is the Spoon-Bill ....I am so into birds...and love the lighting on this that shows through it's bill ... I am a Artist, I paint, draw, and do a small amount of photography...nothing on your level. I am also a poet. The Spoon-Bill begs me to write a poem...lol. Thank you for all your lovely work. I enjoyed every part.
Dale Jarvis(non-registered)
I like the idea of using photography and the computer to use your creativity.
Stephanie Jeffries(non-registered)
Hi Craig,

Nice to connect with you on Linkedin. Thank you for sending me a message to check out your work. It was well worth the pursuit. I look forward to reaching out to you during future design projects to see where we can collaborate our creative juices! Your work is ideal for the type of modern interiors I specialize in customizing. The entire collection of what I do can be found at www.thenistacollection.com

Stephanie Jeffries
Maryse Tremblay(non-registered)
I discovered you on PBS and wanted to see more. What amazing abstract photography, I am in awe at the way your create such wonderful pictures using simple subject as water, wind and light. I love your architecture photography, simple and pure.
Jay Filter Photography(non-registered)
I really enjoy your work. Unique, vivid and colorful, your images cause one to loose themselves in each image.
Ellen Garafola(non-registered)
I saw your beautiful work on Art Insight. I always have been attracted to reflections and the way light plays on different materials. Hope to see more of your work!
kathleen delcambre(non-registered)
Awesome imagination=talent; Enjoyed viewing your great artwork!
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